It's Wax Museum Time in the SJS 4th and 5th Grades!

Apr 30 2018

It is Wax Museum time in the fourth and fifth grade! The fourth and fifth graders each read a biography/autobiography about a person they admire. They were asked to write a summary, make a poster with pictures and 10 facts, and they had to dress up like the person they read about. All of this was to prepare them to be part of a “wax” museum.

Twenty five students adorned in costumes stood absolutely still (not an easy task for fourth and fifth graders) while students, teachers, and family members walked through the museum. The classroom was transformed into a wax museum. Reactions to the “wax” figures varied. The younger students were in awe, and the older students took it upon themselves to try and make the “wax” figures move or grin. The students struggled to hold their composure throughout the steady stream of visitors for over an hour. At the end there is a collective “sigh” and then an excited twitter as they share their thoughts. This biography/autobiography book report is challenging and fun for both students and guests. The students get to emulate a person they admire and museum guests get a peek into the minds of today’s youth and see who is important to them.


SJS Wax Museum 2018

The hard work of all the students was very clear. The students enjoyed their topics and were proud to teach others about their chosen person. It was a fun and exciting way for other students to see history come alive. This was also a great way for the students to learn about famous figures and to enhance their research and project skills. We are always amazed at the final products in our wax museum biography projects!

From historical figures who may have lived hundreds of years ago, to modern stars that are still famous today, the fourth and fifth grade wax museum was truly a treat for all!