St. John School Honors our Blessed Lady with The Living Rosary & May Crowning

May 11 2018

St. John School students, teachers and administartion participated today in the yearly tradition of the Living Rosary followed by the Crowning of Mary.  Together with their buddies from the “Buddy Program”, students sat in formation in SJS gym in the shape of the Rosary beads. Each group of buddies took turns standing and leading their fellow students in each mystery of the Rosary. The mysteries were read by the 7th and 8th Grade students. This will most likely be the last time the 8th Grade will say the Rosary with their buddies as they prepare to graduate on June 10th.


Following the Rosary, the students processed from the gym to the statue of Our Lady, each holding flowers and singing Marian hymns. Each student placed their flowers at Our Lady’s feet. The custom of the May Crowning is an act of devotion to our Blessed Mother. As the name dictates, it takes place in the month of May, the month of Mary. At the end of the procession were Sr. Gabriela’s 2nd Grade class who will make their First Holy Communion tomorrow. Reese and Chase held the pillow and the crown (handmade by our past teacher, Sr. Gabriel) and Reese placed the crown on Our Lady's head. We pray for our 2nd Grade class as they make their First Holy Communion tomorrow. May God bless them.