St. John School PreK "Pray Twice"

May 11 2018

St. Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice.” The PreK, together with their 8thgrade buddies, sang in the choir for May’s First Friday Mass.  This was the first time in the choir loft for the PreK, and they did an excellent job.  The 8thgrade has done a wonderful job this year mentoring their buddies, which includes accompanying the PreK to all First Friday Masses and other school events.

St. John School is proud of our Buddy Program, which pairs younger classes with older ones for activities and lessons throughout the year.  Younger children, especially the PreK, benefit greatly from their interactions with older students.  The Buddy Program promotes a caring school environment, where all students look out for one another. The older students have the opportunity to model appropriate behavior, as well as understand the importance of service to others, which builds character.  The younger students learn that they are part of a community and do not feel intimidated by the older students, which builds confidence and helps them to feel safe and valued.  St. John School strives to create a safe, faith based learning environment that emphasizes Gospel values.

PreK/Grade 8 Buddy Program 2018