5th Grade Students attend D.A.R.E. Graduation at OS Police Department

Jun 19 2018

St. John School’s Fifth Grade class attended D.A.R.E graduation at the Old Saybrook Police Department. The D.A.R.E. Patrol Sergeant, Ryan Walsh, escorted the class to the Police Department.  He gave the students a tour of a police vehicle, the garage, holding cells, and students also asked questions about vehicles in the impound yard. Officer Walsh then treated the students to a pizza party. There were tables set up for the class in the garage. Many of the students were curious about a fast looking motorcycle that had pink trim along with a matching helmet. They questioned every officer that came by inquiring if the bike was theirs.  Many of the officers stopped by to say “Hi” to the class and answered questions they asked.

After pizza the students lined up in the hallway and then went single file into a room that had chairs set up in rows and three projection screens in the front of the room. The seats were filled with parents of the Fifth Grade students. The parents clapped and cheered as the students filed in. The students sat in the first two rows. Also in attendance were Mother Elaine, St. John School Principal, Susan Ashborn, Grade 5 teacher, and Police Chief Michael Spera. 

All of the students had written D.A.R.E. essays describing what they had learned in D.A.R.E. class. Two essays were chosen to be read at the ceremony. Manu G., and Madelyn K. were the winners. They each read their amazing thought provoking essays, and they were given D.A.R.E mascot stuffed animals nestled inside a D.A.R.E sling bag as prizes. The students each received a certificate for completing the D.A.R.E class and a D.A.R.E. t-shirt.

To culminate the event Officer Walsh had prepared a slide show video of the children in D.A.R.E class. The slide show was met with laughter as images of the students having fun flashed across the screen.