Mother Elaine Releases Statement from SJS Teachers - Dedicated Commitment to Students/Families During Pandemic

Jun 25 2020

While we do not have a decision yet on how our return to St. John School will look like in the Fall or next year, I would like to share a statement released recently by our teachers. Not surprisingly, it shows the commitment of our dedicated teachers to educating each and every student at St. John School to their fullest potential during this pandemic. The faculty, staff and I continue to work together to support all our families and students during this time. I continue to pray for each and every one of you. 

God bless, 
Mother Elaine, Principal 

Statement from Saint John School Teachers:

Saint John School promotes a learning environment where everybody is somebody. Adhering to a low student teacher ratio allows for individualized learning and one-on-one connection with each student and their families. This ratio will allow our distance learning program to meet the diverse learning needs of our students and support their families. Our staff has a cohesive relationship with students and families and work towards teaching the whole family.Our staff collaborates academically and spiritually from pre-K- grade 8 to ensure we give our families the best experience possible. Our Christ Centered environment promotes family values, virtues, and respect for self and others. Our pre-K-8 buddy program develops leadership skills and a family atmosphere that our students reflect on for the rest of their lives.