St. John School Celebrates New England Catholic Schools Week 2020

Nov 18 2020


New England Catholic Schools Week 2020 - November 17-20

We are excited to celebrate New England Catholic Schools Week(CSW) 2020 in-person at SJS. While different, like many things this year, it still is our chance to remind the world and each other, what we love and cherish about our school. Our activities may be slightly different as we cannot gather together outside of our grade cohorts, but we still celebrate Catholic schools and our beloved SJS!

Why celebrate CSW? Results show that students who attend Catholic School receive a challenging, high-quality academic experience in a supportive environment, with an emphasis on Catholic values and readiness for high school. The self-discipline developed by students, along with learning how to respect others and accept responsibility, play together to create excellent life-long learners. Our motto at St. John School is to "educate the whole person - academically, spiritually and emotionally". This years theme - FAITH, EXCELLENCE, SERVICE is an extension of that. Students will participate in various activities each day this week to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.

Here’s a peek into CSW 2020 at SJS. Enjoy!

  • Opening Prayer Service
  • 8th Grade lead Morning Prayer
  • Rock Garden for our Kindness Tree - students placed decorated rocks around the Kindness Tree at SJS. Students were asked if they had one word to describe themselves, what would it be? The rock garden has two purposes - it is an inspirational rock garden that allows others to share our strengths, talents, hopes and dreams. It is also a reminder of who we are at SJS and our commitment to faith and the Lord.    

Catholic Schools Week ~ Rock Garden

  • Decorate and make turkeys to hang in the classrooms or send to local nursing homes
  • Dress Down Day - Mother Elaine's gift to her students

Catholic Schools Week - Thursday/Friday