Band/Instrument Lessons - Tuesdays @ 8am (& later for group lessons)

For an added fee, CT Future Musicians, LLC provides instrument lessons before and during the school day for students in Grades 4-8.  Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion is offered. Tuition does not include instrument rental.  Rentals are available. Recorder lessons are provided (at no additional charge) for Grade 3 as part of the music curriculum (they also participate in the Spring band concert). 

The lessons are broken into two sessions on Tuesdays. The first session begins at 8am for the entire band. Then following is a half-hour lesson, again on Tuesdays in a small group setting, broken up by instrument.  Lessons are on a rotating basis, so students will not miss the same class time more than once every seven to ten weeks.  

There are two band concerts each year - December and Spring and they are held in the SJS gymnasium. The dates for these concerts are on the SJS website calendar.

For more information, contact the SJS Music Teacher/Future Musican Teacher/Band Director, Mrs. Hurlburt at or call 860-342-4485. In addition, visit the website -

Spring Band Concert 2019