St. John's 11th Annual                                             Catholic Winter Basketball Invitational


The Athletic Department is still in need of support staff and snack donations. Service hours will be given. 
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We are very grateful for your support! Thank you and God Bless You!


The Girls' Division Tournament Schedule is as follows:

JANUARY 20, 2018 Girls Varsity – St. Catherine of Siena (SCS); St. Joseph of New London (SJNL): St. John Old Saybrook (SJOS); John Paull II (JPII)


Game 1 –        11:00-11:30 – SCS VS SJNL

Game 2 –        11:30-12:00 –  SJOS VS JPII

Game 3 –        12:00-12:30 –  SCS VS JPII

Game 4 –        12:30-1:00 –     SJNL VS SJOS

Game 5 –        1:00-1:30 –      SCS VS SJOS

Game 6 –        1:30-2:00 –      SJNL VS JPII


CONSOLATION GAME-           (estimated time) 2:30-3:00    3rd vs 4th seed teams

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME           (estimated time) 3:00-3:30    1st vs 2nd seed teams