Class Liaisons

Class Liaison Coordinator - Bethany White

A class liaison coordinator will be appointed by Mother Elaine. The class liaison coordinator will contact all the class liaisons regarding information on important events or news that should be delivered to the parents of each class.

Anyone can contact the class liaison coordinator to request that a message is sent out.  Any communication with class liaisons should also go to Mother Elaine.

The Class Liaison Coordinator for the 2021– 2022 school year is Bethany White.

Class Liaison

Class liaisons for each grade will be appointed by Mother Elaine. Class liaisons will be contacted by the class liaison coordinator when help is needed by their grades.

Class liaisons should not be the only parents who volunteer, and should not feel that they need to do "everything". The function of the class liaison is to ensure fair and equal participation from all parents in the class, and to make sure that all parents are included whenever possible.

  • Assist the SCRIP coordinator(s) with getting parents to buy SCRIP cards.
  • Assist major fundraisers with getting parent volunteers, helps to ensure that there is equal participation from all families.
  • Coordinate the "class gift" for the SJS Gala Auction.
  • Assist with getting parent volunteers to help with school functions, eg. school concerts.
  • Assist the teacher with class parties, class trips, and other class projects.
  • Assist the Hospitality Coordinator with getting volunteers when refreshments and baked goods are needed for school functions.
  • Coordinate the gift from the class at Christmas and the end of the year.

As class liaison, hours towards the volunteer hours portion of each family’s assessment are earned through the various designated duties. The class liaison is responsible to keep track of their volunteer hours and document them in the volunteer log located in the school office.

List of Class Liaisons -  2021-2022