Seventh Grade


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Religion Grade 7

Students study the life of Jesus and the gospels.

Math Grades 6, 7, 8

The goal of the middle school math program is to help students develop a better understanding of, and appreciation for, math in an effort to prepare them for high school. Generally, each math class includes three styles of learning: teaching by lecture, pair or group learning, and independent work. 

Each year math builds on the knowledge from the previous year. Topics covered include the number system, ratios and proportional relationships, expressions and equations, geometry and probability & statistics.

Students in 8th grade will take either Algebra I or Math 8.  All 7th grade students are in Pre-Algebra and 6th grade students have a general math review.  All students use the IXL self-directed math program on the computer for accelerated or review learning. 

MATH COUNTS - Open to any Middle School student of all abilities interested in having fun while doing math.  Part of a National Math Club program that builds math confidence with a problem of the week, dominoes, cards, and other activities.  The group meets weekly, on Wednesdays after school.

Literature Grade 6

The goal of Literature class is to introduce the students to different types of genres using textbook stories and novels. Students generally read a minimum of three novels a year. Use of technology is incorporated during some classes to help students write book reviews for novels.