Saint John School Logo

February 2016 Launch

Background:  The new school logo stands for academic excellence, strong religious values, and tradition. The book in the logo signifies academic merit and is also representative of the Gospel or Bible and our patron Saint, St. John the Apostle. The Cross represents the strong Christian teachings of our school. We are reminded of the strong foundation and traditions of St. John School by the crest.

Guidelines for Use:  Please contact the Marketing Committee with questions about logo usage and guidelines. The full logo should be used when possible. Smaller logos should be used individually, not combined. Follow the font and color guidelines listed at the bottom of the page as closely as possible.  Keep the logo proportional when resizing.  

Downloads:  Each logo is available for download in color and grayscale, as a PDF and JPG. Additional file types (.EPS, .BMP) are available upon request.  Contact the SJS Marketing Committee ( for the password for logo downloads. Click here to access the password protected DOWNLOAD PAGE.

Full Logo - Crest & School Name Text

Crest Only Logo

Text Only Logo - School Name

Initials Only Logo - SJS

Note:  The graphical and text representations of the Saint John School logo are the property of Saint John School.  Use of the logo is approved at the discretion of Saint John School.