Science Lab

Science Lab 6, 7, 8

Over the past several years, a science lab program has been developed to fit with the classroom science taught in grades 6, 7 and 8.  Students perform hands-on experiments in a well-equipped Science Lab.  They work on creative projects, lab reports, and lab binders to supplement classroom learning. 

Labs in 6th grade introduce students to matter, density and the ever-important periodic table of elements. These labs set the ground work for more advanced labs in electricity & magnetism, and simple machines. Students also get a chance to investigate forces by building and testing gum-drop domes! 

The environment, sustainability of energy, natural resources and clean water are the main topics covered in the 7th grade science labs. What is our ecological footprint and why should we care about it?  Has the earth always looked the way it does today? How can technology help protect the earth? These are the types of questions that are addressed in the labs. 

The 8th graders begin the year testing the process of photosynthesis by growing beans plants. They examine organisims ranging from yeast to animals and look at the role that DNA and genetics play in their development. Please ask an eighth grader what DNA stands for...they should be able to spell it!  End of year labs include a squid dissection (done by Mystic Auqarium) and a fetal pig dissection. The eighth grade class also travels to the the Mystic Aquarium for a field trip. 

Science Pre-K to 5

Grades Pre-K to 5 have use of all lab equipment and materials. Some of the classes have already conducted science classes in conjunction with the lab. We are working to incorporate more classes with labs this year.