Physical Education- Ms. Rosikiewicz


About your teacher

My name is Bridget Rosikiewicz and I am originally from Naugatuck, CT.  This past year has been my first living on the shoreline.  I attended Albertus Magnus College and spent my time there as a student athlete.  Now, I use my academic and athletic knowledge to facilitate sound physical education classes.  Soccer and basketball have always been my personal passions, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help young future athletes find their passions through physical activity.  I am excited to help those who find themselves not loving traditional sports, a chance to find some physical interests of their own.

I recognize there are different levels and abilities to all the students.  With that in mind, my main goal is to create fun classes that push each child out of their physical comfort zone.  The younger students push me too as I work to create sound and worthy classes; they keep me young and creative.  The older students have shown great work in refining their athletic crafts and working together in teams.

My goal is not to make every child love sports; I am here to offer insight on various ways to enjoy being physically active.  We are surrounded by an excellent community here at Saint John School and I am privileged to be considered a part of it.