Music - Mrs. DiRocco

 About Your Teacher:

After many years of being an organist and choir director, I think I really like teaching music the best!  It's so much fun to share the joy of singing and playing instruments with children!

I have 3 children myself, all in their 30's. Also, 3 grandchildren.  Being a Grammy is the best thing EVER!

Besides Saint John School, I'm also teaching at Music & Arts, Waterford, and playing Sundays at the Chapel on the Subase in Groton.

I thank God for His many blessings, and may He continue to bless us all. 

Welcome to Music at Saint John School!


Music encompasses so many subjects ~ History, Science, English, and Math! Musical concepts are incorporated into each class: 

  • Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Dynamics, and Tone Color.  

Vocal exploration through singing, pitch awareness, melodic phrasing, and singing to a variety of folk songs to contemporary.

Two concerts are given by Grades PreK - Grade 8 each academic year : A Christmas and Spring Production.

In the Classroom~

PreK through Grade 2

Music is taught with the young child-in-motion in mind. Singing, rhythm instruments, parachute, scarves, other props and games motivate and develop music in the young child.

  • Solfege, scale pitches: mi -sol - la
  • Exploring high’s, mid’s and low’s.
  • Rhythm vs Beat, Patterns

Grades 3 through 5

  • Singing, adding a descant, canons, partner songs. 
  • Simple melodic and rhythmic compositions are created by the student using solfege and rhythms, including: ta, ti-ti, tika-tika.
  • Composition for rhythm instruments, xylophones, and bells reinforce the concepts.
  • American ballads, folk songs (including folk songs from around the world), African-American history.

       Grades 3 and 4 learn the Recorder in preparation for a band instrument.

Grades 6 through 8

  • Singing, Introduction to ukulele, bucket drumming, and rhythm cup games are fun!
  • Music theory includes: treble staff notes, note values, intervals. 
  • Compositions; including jingles, story background music, and more.
  • Music history (time periods, classical and contemporary composers) ~listening for instrumentation, dynamics, tone color, and style.  Black History Month: Roots of America’s Music.