Raise Right


St. John School "Gift Card Fundraiser" is one of the main fundraisers of our school and is a great way to earn money for our children’s school programs by purchasing gift cards to stores you already shop at. These cards can be used at stores, restaurants, and online. The program works by purchasing gift cards through the school and the company of the card donates a percentage the school. For example, purchase a $100 Macy’s Gift Card and Macy’s will give 10% ($10) back to the school.


Step 1: Go to RaiseRight.com/Enroll

Step 2: Enter Enrollment Code: 2828B59D7252

Step 3: Create Your Account

Once your account is created you’ll be able to log into raise right, see featured deals, and start ordering!


You can choose from:

Physical Cards: which can get mailed to you or the school.

EGift Cards: which get immediately emailed to you as well as show up in your Wallet on raise right.

Reloadable Cards: Add funds to physical gift cards you’ve already purchased. Just register your card so you can reload funds when needed!


Saint John School is currently working on a version of this for local stores as well, to be released closer to Thanksgiving!

For information or suggestions to improve the program please contact Carissa Hessert at: wchessert@gmail.com