Dress Code/Uniforms


The wearing of a uniform is specifically designed to encourage and promote Christian values and learning. Neatness is a must. Students are to arrive at school and leave school in proper uniform. No hats or caps may be worn in the building. Shirts must be tucked in, top buttons must be buttoned and skirts/jumpers should go to the knee. Outer jackets/sweatshirts, etc. are not to be worn to class. (See the School Handbook for additional dress code/uniform policy details.)


Only apparel purchased from Donnelly Uniforms may be worn.  


On Gym days the students may wear the Donnelly Uniform gym uniform the entire day. This is the maroon shorts, shirt with school logo and sneakers. The gym shorts sweat pants and shirts are to be purchased through the Donnelly's Uniform Company. They may choose to wear the Donnelly’s Uniform sweatpants over the shorts during the day. “No Show” gym socks are not permitted.


Gym shorts and uniform shorts may be worn from the opening day of school until October 15th and from April 15th until the end of school except on the days that the students go to Mass during school and any other important days that the Principal may ask the students to wear the formal uniform. These days may include but are not limited to the days that the Bishop or Mother General visits. The Principal reserves the right to change the dates for wearing the casual uniform as she sees fit.


Occasionally during the school year students may be allowed to have a dress down or no uniform days.  Casual clothes must be neat.  Nice jeans and Capri pants (pants that end mid calf) may be worn.  During the warm weather the only shorts that can be worn on no uniform occasions are the uniform shorts or gym shorts purchased through the uniform company.  Tee shirts may be worn but no offensive or double meaning words or graphics may be imprinted on the shirts.

Students may not wear flip-flop sandals, open back shoes, tank tops, tennis shoes that convert to roller skates, biker shorts, pajama pants, make-up, low cut blouses or tops, clothing that is tight, and hats.  A good rule to follow is if you think you should not wear it, then do not wear it.