Computer Lab/Technology -  Mr. Parkosewich

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The Computer Lab is where students starting in Kindergarten learn, develop and polish the computer skills that will be required of them in high school and beyond.

Everyone is assigned their own username and beginning in Grade 2, they get to choose their own password.  Once logging into and logging out from, our Microsoft Windows domain is introduced we begin to learn to navigate the Windows desktop and launch programs.  While Kindergarten and Grade 1 students perform exercises to develop keyboard and mouse coordination, the older grades begin their TYPING DRILLS.  To augment this experience we also have a cart that houses 30 Chromebooks that can be moved from classroom to classroom.

By the time students have moved on to Grade 6, they will have been introduced to the standard set of Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  They will also have learned how these programs can work together.  Finally, they will have acquired the tools necessary to evaluate any new program or app and to use it intelligently.