School Nurse

School Nurse: Nurse Kerry Potts

She is at school for three hours every day - approximately 10:30am to 1:30pm.

Children who are sick should not be in school. They should not be sent to school ill, with a fever, or rash for the nurse to diagnose.  Diagnosed strep throat requires quarantine for 24 hours with return to school under treatment.

The school nurse maintains all health records required by the state. Children are not allowed - by state law - to attend school if they have not met the immunization requirements.

The school nurse administers medicine. Medication will be given only upon a written order from the physician to the school principal and a written parental permission.

If a student's activities are limited due to an injury or a health problem, a written note from a doctor is required. Students will not be excused from physical education classes without a note.

The school nurse maintains accident reports. She will notify parents to pick up a sick or injured child. Parents must sign out the child in the school office.

Physicals: State Education Law requires that a physical be recorded on each child's health record at least once upon entrance to school in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 6. Sports physicals are required yearly for children who wish to participate.

Food Allergy Procedures may be obtained from the nurse's office.

Students need to have a nurse's pass to visit the nurse's office.

(Note:  See the School Handbook for more about Nurse policy and procedures.)


Please complete the following health forms for your student(s).   All new families should complete on registration. Thank you for your cooperation.