Fifth Grade -  Ms. Vecchitto


About Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Michele Vecchitto. I’ve been an Educator for almost seventeen years, most of that time having been spent as a Middle School Teacher. I also worked in Kindergarten, Fourth, and Fifth Grade. When I was younger, I taught CCD in Wethersfield and tutored students at St. Brigid School in West Hartford. I was also the EERA Writing Instructor at Wethersfield High School. I’m so excited to be working with my Fifth Grade students this year. Saint John School is the perfect nurturing environment for children and I’m glad to be a part of the team. 


I raised my children in Old Saybrook and felt very lucky to be a part of the community. My nieces and nephews attended St. John School and I have fond memories of hearing stories about their classes. When I’m not in school, I enjoy spending time with my family. I’m an avid reader and also enjoy writing and going for hikes with my husband.


We cover many topics in Grade 5. In Math, we begin the year reviewing Multiplication and

Division as well as Place Value. We also spend a lot of time working with Fractions and

Decimals and end the year with an introduction to Algebra. In Language Arts and Writing, we

review the Parts of Speech and also study Figurative Language, Informational, Narrative,

Persuasive, and Research Writing. Vocabulary is also a part of our program. In Social Studies,

we begin the year discussing Native Americans as well as the Lost Colony of Roanoke. We

spend a lot of time learning about the Thirteen Colonies and move into the Revolutionary War.

In addition, our units include The Constitution, The Civil War, and more. Our Science program

involves a study of Life, Physical, and Earth Science. We primarily use Novel Studies in

Reading to explore theme and author's purpose as well as reinforcing our skills in identifying


main ideas and supporting details. In Religion, we learn about the Liturgy and the Sacraments.