About the Principal

Mother Elaine Moorcroft
Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of the Church
Holy Family Motherhouse, Baltic, CT
Education apostolate as Saint John School principal since 2010-11 academic year


B.S. Elementary Education
M.S. Math Education, Theology, and Catholic School Administration

16 years experience as an elementary school teacher
27 years experience as a Catholic School principal (in 2023-24)

Leadership Goals

The goal of the Spiritual and Educational leader of a Catholic School is to lead the school community to provide a genuine education which is the formation of the whole person according to the high standards of intellectual, moral, and physical excellence.

The heart of the matter is maintaining an environment where the spiritual formation of our students is as important as the intellectual formation.  

We work to prepare our Saint John School graduates to seek the truth, the good, and the beautiful in their own pursuit of happiness and in their contribution to that of others.