Testimonials - from Parents, Students, and Alumni 

We have just completed 15 years at St. John School, culminating with the graduation of our youngest son. We are excited for the next stages in their education, but we're heartbroken to be leaving this incredible educational family! The faculty and administration have been amazing, kind, and caring to our children, and they are both incredible prepared for their further education as a result of their time at St. John School. Our daughter went to public high school and thrived, and is excited to be attending a Catholic university next year, remembering back to an environment that encouraged service and respect and growth, as much as it taught her "the basics plus". We are so grateful for our experience at St. John School and we will miss it terribly! - Deep River parent

St. John School was a wonderful experience for our daughter. She attended the school from Prek3 - Grade 8. Many teachers went our of their way to make sure they were challenging her in areas where she could stretch and supported her in areas where she needed more help. She looked up to the older students when she was young and when she was older, she took care of the younger students. We are very grateful to St. John School! - Old Saybrook parent

The public school that we came from is a very good school. However, we kept feeling that our little girl would benefit greatly from prayer in her school day, smaller class sizes, and more attention to detail. As soon as we walked into St. John School an immediate feeling of love, peace and strength rushed over us and I knew that we were in the right place for our child. The level of intelligence, love and compassion that Mother Elaine and the whole staff show is unparalleled. The first 3 years of our child’s schooling was a solidly good experience for us all, however, by making the transition to St. John School we know we have totally changed the course of our lives forever, in the best way! She has improved focus, grades, everything, and is on her way to excelling! We are incredibly happy that we found St. John School and love all the people that we have met so far! -  Old Lyme parent                                                                                                                                                                         

The search for the perfect school for my children ended when we toured St. John School. There was a feeling at this school, that you couldn't name, but you could feel it. It felt like coming home to us. The love for education and the traditions of the Catholic Church are very obviously present here.  Here, the basic truth of our soul's natural love and desire for God and to know Him better is fostered. This was not only lacking in my children's public school system, instead often discouraged. The difference in my children was apparent the first month they attended the school at St. John School for the first time this past fall. They went from looking overtired at the end of a loud public school day, to coming out of school with smiles and excitement to tell me all about their day.  When I asked my older daughter what the difference was for her, she told me: "Mom, it's so fun, but also, all of the kids pay attention, listen to the teacher, and it's quiet. I can learn more".  - Guilford parent

We sent our son to St. John's to repeat his 8th grade year, not because he was a poor student, but because he was the youngest in his class and as a family, we felt the extra year would allow him to develop stronger study habits, improve reading and comprehension and allow him the time to mature into a more self confident and independent young man as he prepares for success in high school and beyond.  We could not be happier with the significant positive development we have seen in our son in the short time he has been a part of the SJS family!  He is so happy to go to school each and every day.  He is a role model to the younger students and his fellow classmates and has developed the executive functioning skills he will need to be a success in his future.  He works independently each and every day and works closely with his teachers before and after school to get the extra help he needs for academic success. Our son's words on more than one occasion are "Why didn't you think of this two years ago, Mom?" We could not be happier with our choice to send our son to St John's School!  - Old Saybrook parent

Our daughter has just graduated from 8th Grade at St. John School. After a total of 11 years here, and many amazing memories and friendships, our family agrees that we wouldn’t change a thing!  It was the best decision that we’ve made in our children’s lives so far. We are blessed to have been a part of the St. John family, for that is truly what the school is to us – an extended part of our family. Fortunately, we still have 4 years to go with our son! - Deep River parent

I recently graduated from Saint John School and now attend a local Catholic High School. Due to the excellent education which I received at Saint John School, I scored in the top two of those who took the placement test. Because of this score, I received a half tuition academic scholarship. This is the highest award given to incoming freshman. I also placed into Geometry honors as freshmen. Many of my other St. John School classmates were also able to place into geometry and other honors courses. Saint John School instills a love of learning in its students. We always loved coming to school everyday to learn something new. Students are also taught to respect their teachers and their peers. As I have moved onto High School, I have realized how much Saint John School truly taught me. Not only have I excelled in most of my classes, I use the skills I learned at Saint John in all of them. In High School the writing skills which I learned there were imperative. The most important skill that I learned at Saint John School was public speaking. From a young age, Saint John School students are started in public speaking. Eventually we all became comfortable speaking in public. I am thankful (as are many of my friends) as not all kids from other schools are comfortable with public speaking. Saint John School is an amazing place and well worth the tuition. Alumni excel in High School and beyond. I would recommend Saint John School to anyone considering sending their child here. Students are taught to stand by their strong moral code, respect others and are determined to do their best. By the time they graduate, students have made life long friends. My class still keeps in touch and supported each other even after leaving Saint John School. I believe the love of learning is the most important gift that Saint John School gave me. - Alumni - Class of 2015

This is our 6th year at SJS and the feeling that I have dropping off my kids at school is indescribable! -  Chester parent 

My oldest started St. John School in Pre-K 3.  As a Kindergarten teacher, I am bringing back learning through play and centers.  At St. John School, it is about the children and not the end of year data!  -  Old Lyme parent

I am very happy that God is the center of my child’s education. - Westbrook parent

Our daughter loves St. John School because she feels safe and cared for by not only her teachers but by the Principal, Mother Elaine. The philosophy of personalized attention starts at the top and extends all the way down to the nurses, teachers and kitchen staff.  We love the school because everyday we send our daughter to school and feel confident that she is learning and challenged in a safe and caring environment! - Killingworth parent

As alumni of SJS, we recognize the structure, discipline and curriculum of the school and believe that is the best school for our children. -  Higganum Alumni & parent

Our family has a long history at St. John School, as this is our 18th consecutive year with at least 1 child in attendance.  This year we have 4 children at the school with 8 more years to go before our last child graduates.  We are here because of Christ; He is known and ever present to our children in the classroom, on the fields, and in the pews!  The school supports the belief that parents are the first educators of their children and we value that.  The children grow in a wholesome environment that develops their creative and intellectual mind, their body, and strives for holiness.  Our Principal, Mother Elaine, is a pious nun who makes it a priority to make Christ known to the children.  Parents are very dedicated to the success of the school and support its mission. -  Old Saybrook parent

SJS has been a huge part of our family for many years.  Our son is currently in PreK but my husband and all of his younger brothers attended SJS.  It is familial, welcoming and provides a structure that is unparalleled. - Higganum parent

St. John School provides a nurturing family atmosphere. The children are taught to be respectful and encouraging to one another. (They have programs where the younger students are paired with school buddies who are older. They do activities with the younger students such as reading books together. This activity helps the older student develop mentorship skills and the younger students have someone that they can look up to). My child is encouraged to pursue academic challenges.  The teachers are constantly being trained in new ways to present materials to the children. Technology is utilized and is an important part of the process at St. John School. Most importantly, my child is taught about God openly and is free to express her love for God. - Westbrook parent