Principal Weekly Letter

Message from the Principal - September 28, 2022  

Dear Parents, 

We often say of certain individuals that they are gifted.  We say they have specific qualities that others do not have.  If they are “gifted” then they must have received those “gifts” from a Giver.   How true that is.  But it is only part of the truth.  The full truth is that GOD, the Divine Giver, gifts everyone, each in particular way or ways.  There is also a difference between a gift and a charism.  People who use their special abilities for their own benefit have gifts.   A charism is the GOD-given skill which one uses not just for one’s one benefit, but also, and particularly, for the GOoD of others.  Yes, a gift can be a charism if it is used in the service of others.  In a similar way, a charism which is practiced selfishly is only a gift, since it does not benefit all those for whom GOD gave the ability.

What is/are your charism(s)?  How are you using the charism(s) in the service of others?  GOD is calling you to use those charisms to building up the Body of Christ. 

God Bless you-

Mother Elaine, Principal

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