Principal Weekly Letter

Message from the Principal - February 28, 2018

A church is certainly a building dedicated to God.  But it is more than that.  It is a dedicated space, a sacred space, a space unlike all others in which we enter in order to be with God.  A church is God’s house, not a theater, a lecture hall, an auditorium, or a place where we go to have churchy sorts of assemblies.  It is a holy place where you and God and I can be together with each other in Christ, who takes us back to the Father.  God is present in the Church.  It is God’s house, not just our house.

The flickering red candle, with its eternal flame always burning, is a signal telling us that the Eternal One, the risen Christ, dwells in this space.  We, therefore, ought to conduct ourselves reverently in this space.  We genuflect to the Real Presence of Christ dwelling here in this tabernacle.  Out of respect, men do not wear hats.  We respect those who are praying, and we conduct ourselves in ways that are not ordinary.  This is extra-ordinary space in an extra-ordinary building that is God’s house, a temple of the Lord. 

All of this helps to explain the angry and violent reaction of Jesus when He entered the Temple in Jerusalem and found it being treated more like a shopping mall or a bank building.  Any time that what is sacred, what is God’s, is desecrated, it is a slap in God’s face.  To corrupt that which is holy is a terrible and personal insult to God.  The corruption of the Temple’s sanctity caused Jesus to blaze out in anger.  But the reality of God’s temple is more than it being simply a church building.

Each one of us here is a temple that is purpose-made.  Because of our baptisms each one of us here is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  Each one of us here was brought into being and designed by God for a purpose, namely the purpose of making Him present to others, especially when they enter into who we are.  Each one of us here is a walking, living temple in which God is made present and available to others.

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