About SJS Athletics 

“Our athletics should go hand in hand with our youth ministry. Sports well understood and practiced contributes to the development of the whole person because it demands generous effort, careful self-control, mastery of self and respect for others, complete commitment and team spirit.” - Pope John Paul II

The Saint John Athletic program provides a safe sports environment that serves as an extension of the school’s academic and religious programming. It is designed to develop within each athlete Christian values and Christian attitudes toward one another. All participants will learn the fundamentals of each sport and be given the opportunity to cultivate strong, healthy and disciplined minds and bodies. Participants will also develop a sense of good sportsmanship, fair play, and team spirit, as well as facilitate and enhance the moral and ethical development of all those involved. 

Fun Facts:

  • Slogan: "Let...The players PLAY, the coaches, COACH,  the referrees JUDGE, the spectators CHEER, And May all GIVE GLORY TO GOD!
  • Color: Maroon and White
  • Motto: “Sport, ...a school of human virtue.” Pope John Paul II
  • Patron Saint: St. Sebastain
  • Mascot: Eagle
  • Mascot’s Name: “Lil’ Eddie” (b. May 5, 2008)

Team Prayer

Creator God,
As we prepare to play this (game/match),
we ask Your help and blessing
that we may participate to the best of our abilities
and with a true spirit of thankfulness
so that our efforts give greater glory to You.
We ask that You protect us from all injury
and guide us in fair play.
Help us to respect our opponents
as they are our sisters and/or brothers
also under Your Guidance.
For this we pray, in Jesus’ name, Amen.